About me

Hey, want to know about me?

Ok, i'm David and i do User Experience, Web/Mobile/Application Design, Front-end development & Branding as well. I have been involved in all kind of web projects, startups, government, communication, high-traffic, real-state, application, e-commerce etc.

The process that i like to follow have 4 phases:
  1. Wireframing & Prototyping: The purpuse of this phase is to have a strong knowledge about the user needs & business goals, and define the function and flow.
  2. Branding & Visual Design: Here i make a great visual feeling according to the intention of the project.
  3. Testing & Improvement: In this phase i improve the function and feeling of the project by making visual and usability testing.
  4. Markup & Styling: Following the web standards and latest technologies i build the project in browser language and i prepare the project for your development team if is require.

There are 3 reasons why you should hire me:

  1. I have the skills and experience to understand your user, your business model and your development team and give them proper solutions, plus i love what i do.
  2. I have experience in User Experience Design , so i'm like a super-upgraded designer.
  3. I just love what i do.

More about me?

Well, i grew up in Sonora, Mexico. I have 26 years old. I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, for 6 years. I have two lovely cuties around me, my wife and my daughter. Now i'm immigrating to the USA. I love fast-gourmet food. I use to play StarCraft 2. I met my wife in a chat room. I used to play a lot of sports (damn you internet!). The Bible is my favorite book. And i like to link unuseful stuff.

Check my portfolio or hire me.